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Subrahmanya Sabha Activities

  • Able to establish a hostel with all modern facilities at the heart of the Mangaluru city catering the needs of more than 125 inmates.
  • Creating an educational corpus fund of Rupees Two cores.
  • Annually awarding merit and loan scholarship to the tune of fifty lakhs.
  • Sponsoring students for studies at reputed foreign universities.
  • Establishing a senior citizen home and women’s hostel at Puttur.

Other Activities

  • Organizing socio-cultural events
  • Dental camps for school children and rural mass.
  • Medical camps
  • Eye camp at rural area
  • Blood group identification and donation camps at multiple places.
  • Vanamahotsava
  • Pollution checkup.
  • Accident awareness program.
  • Adoption of village school
  • Cultural programmes
  • Yakshagana, folk dance, classical dance & music at various places-upholding.
  • Healthy body Healthy mind.
  • Chess tournaments
  • Cricket, Marathon and various other sports events.
  • Religious & spiritual
  • Shree Sathyanarayana pooja every month.
  • Guru Vardanthi
  • Shankara Jayanthi in collaboration with other Brahmin organizations.
  • Purohitha Sammelana
  • Astrologer’s summit
  • Chandika Yaga for world peace
  • Three day finale
  • Spiritual workshops, scholarly seminars
  • religious retreats, honoring great men of society
  • Above all cultural extravaganzas of highest standards.