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Shree Subrahmanya Sabha

Shree Subrahmanya Sabha was established around 112 years ago, in 1908 at remote village called Kadaba, South Kanara District. The organization was established with a main objective to encourage education among the youth, as during that time, education to younger generation was a hard task because of all round poverty of most of the families.

Shree Subrahmanya Sabha, in addition to its main objective, taken initiative to provide developmental activities to its members, bringing them together under one roof for various activities like Poojas, Upakarma, get together  etc., Sabha was also intended to bring uniform cultural behavior among Sthanika Brahmanis.

With the grace of Lord Subrahmanya and blessings of The Acharyas of Sri Shringeri Mutt, the Sabha has grown and meeting the aspirations of Sthanika  Brahmanis, living in India and abroad.

During the initial stage, the Sabha didn’t have its own land or building. Sri Kudpi Bhujanga Rao, son of Kudpi Padmanabhayya, a successful business man, having his business empire at Bombay and helping hand to all who are in need, donated funds to the Sabha to purchase a land and the land so acquired was  named as “Kudpi Padmanabhayya Gardens”.  With the donations collected from the Sthanika community, a building was built on the site and dedicated to the society on May, 1959, by Sri. Kdupi Bhujanga Rao.

The year 2007-08, was the Centenary Year of Shree Sabha. To celebrate the occasion in a grand way, Shree Sabha, decided to have a specious building which will help the community in particular and public at large. Keeping this noble cause in view, on 24.10.2004, His Holiness Sri. Sri. Brahmananda Saraswathi Swamiji, Head of Chinmaya Mission, Karnataka, laid foundation stone for renovation / reconstruction of all the existing buildings. A new hostel building to accommodate about 120 students, a separate community centre, with all amenities for conducting social functions with kitchen and dining facilities were built in memory of Sri Kudpi Bhujanga Rao and completed in 2008. On 11.05.2008, His Holiness Sri Sri Bharatheethirtha Mahaswamiji of Sri Sharada Peetham, Sringeri, inaugurated the Centenary memorial hall and blessed our community on this occasion.

Shree Subrahmanya Sabha, also promoted a Charitable Trust to extend the service to the general public and named it as “Sri Subrahmanya Sabha Charitable Trust”. The Trust has been rendering service in the field of education, social and religious activities. The donation made to this trust is exempted from income tax under section 80G of Income Tax Act

Shree Subrahmanya Sabha activities
Nada Habba

Activities to its members, bringing them together under one roof for various activities like Festivals and get together etc.

Shree Subrahmanya Sabha members visit to Sringeri
Sringeri Visit

Sabha members visited for the Darshan of Goddess Sri Sharada and His Holiness Jagadguru at Narasimhavanam, Sringeri.

Shree Subrahmanya Sabha activities
Seva at Polali

Shree Subrahmanya Sabha menbers done seva at Polali Rajarajeswari Temple

Shree Subrahmanya Sabha Yakshagana Performance

Shree Subrahmanya Sabha members yakshgana performance on occasion of festival

Shree Subrahmanya Sabha activities
Guru Darshan

Guru Darshan at Vipra Maha Brahmana Sammelana, Koteswara, Kundapura, Udupi district

Felicitations to Community members

Felicitations to our community members recognizing for their service to the society.

Jnanashakthi Paper
Jnanashakthi Paper Kannada Monthly Newspaper
About Sthanika Brahamins

“Tulunadu” Sthana also stands for Devasthana (temple) or Matta.  Sthanika means Officer (Dharmadhikari) or Head of the Devasthana (Temple). Making arrangement for all religious performance of the Temple and Deity, was his prime duty. Sthanikas were very popular as Temple chief officer, Dharmadhikari, some time as Purohit or Sahiti. Sthanika means position of respect.

Photo Gallery
Yakshagana at Subrahmanya Sabha